Lost Car Key In Upper Darby PA And You Know Whose Fault It Is | March 21, 2017

Lost Car Key In Upper Darby PA And You Know Whose Fault It IsThe butler did it, now heres a lost car keys mystery where in the end the butler truly did do it. My name is Marvin and I manage a local taxi cab service that is very well known and you have undoubtedly used before. The person who is in question is my brother in law. His name is Charles Butler and as you’ll see, it was very important for me to mention his whole name (sorry Charles). Charles and my sister went on vacation last week and I was going to assign his cab to another driver while he was gone for two weeks. Of course we have always had the The butler did it joke going on around the garage so when I went looking for the keys to cab 256 and they werent there, that was the answer that I got. The first call I made was to Charles to find out where he had left the keys to the cab. While talking to him I could hear the people on the beach (they were in California) laughing and playing in the background. Oh I forgot I have them on my key ring he answered. This only happened because he was my brother in law, all other drivers turn in their keys at the end of each shift.

Well the next call, thanks to my ever watchful assistant, was to, who she had found on the internet. We booked him and he arrived promptly at the time we had arranged. After he had arrived and we exchanged pleasantries he asked me what had happened to the keys. I simply said that one of the drivers had taken them home. After working for a while the locksmith said isnt that unusual for a driver to take the keys home? Yes, I answered. A driver that took those, trying not to sound like a complete idiot. Just then one of the more obnoxious drivers of the lot came up and said It wasnt keys. Looking puzzled now, the locksmith looked up and said, well then who did? Then the other three drivers said at the same time, The Butler did it!

Now do you see what I have to deal with? I told the locksmith. Yeah I feel your pain he said.

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