lost car key east oak lane philadelphia pa | September 30, 2016

lost car key east oak lane philadelphia paOkay, the subject at is how to get the car keys from a drunk driver and the main key to it all is to see it coming in advance. See it coming way down the road. So one of the things to look for is the activity. 

Are you the host of a party or you had a card game a game of pool a football game? These are my favorites. Especially the game of pool, but all of the ones in the in the list are good.  The game of pool it’s always played in a dark smokey room. There’s always some smoke and some low lights and it attracts the casual drinker. The casual drinker is another name for alcoholic. So you see him drinking. You know he’s going to be there all night. You know he’s going to be drinking all night, and you know he’s going to try to drive home drunk. So get a hold of those keys early, and I have a few ideas on the best ways to do this starting with the easy ones. The easiest one is if you can talk him out of them. Just ask while he’s sober. Offer him a ride home. He’s more likely to think clearly while sober.  

What we recommend next at The Car Key Shop In Philadelphia is a little subtle force.  Play a game where everybody tosses their keys into a cup and then pre arrange for something to happen to his keys. Bait and switch them with a dummy set. You need some way to have the subject distracted while the operative does the switch. If the first method didn’t work and he’s starting to get sloshed, this one will work later in the night.

 But, when none of these friendly methods work I tend to move on to some  of the more vigorous enforcement methods. We’ll  cover those on the next post.  Until then,   See you soon at The Car Key Shop in Philadelphia.

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