Congrats Don. Youve Succeeded! | August 24, 2016

Okay, don. I thought you were pretty smart guy. Maybe just a little rough around the edges. So I said “let me hear everything he has to say because personally I like the guy. I’ll hear what he has to say, maybe maybe I could vote for him.” Ok, well  that was then.  At this point. I have to say, You’re not even a serious candidate. You know, a friend of mine had this discussion way back in the beginning, and he said “he’s not really trying to win. He just wants to see if he could win or see how far he could go and he wants to write off some money. To spend some money that that he can write off for tax purposes.” I said no, I don’t think that’s it. I think he really is trying to win, but now you know what? I think my friend was right. He’s not he’s not serious. He’s not even really trying to win. He’s trying to blow off a little bit of extra money, write it off on his taxes and, to put it in his words, “return back to a comfortable life.” Now it seems that this is what he was intending from the beginning. Alright, so and that respect I have to say Congratulations, Don.  You  have succeeded.

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