The Absolute Worst Case Scenario To Lose Your Car Keys in St Joe Campus | March 22, 2016


The Worst Time To Lose Car Keys in University Campus  Did you ever lose your car keys, or anything at all for that matter, at a really bad time? My name is Dennis, and this is my story . I sure hope the lost car keys guy gets here quickly, because this is starting to get scary!   It’s a dark black night, the wind is howling, it’s raining cats and dogs, and the leaves are rattling.  The only light I can see is the sight of my cigarette lighter as I light my cigarette.  Nobody is out here except me. I’m waiting here between two trees, waiting to get car keys made for the most recent car that I just bought at the used car auction earlier.  This is  how the story started:  I went to the auction and got a 2002 Maxima for $800.  Sounds good, right?  Except that it comes without any key.  So I called a locksmith to make the car key for me, but nobody wanted to come all the way out here to this dark, desolate place.  So as I wait for the replacement car key locksmith at The Car Key Shop, I’ll just make note of my last will and testament…  


Just then I could spot something coming my way — I wonder if that’s the car key maker . . . Just thenthe phone rang and scared the living daylights out of me!  Anyway, it’s the car key maker, and he’s parking his truck.  I show my paperwork, and he works on my new original car keys.  I can’t fault him at allfor asking questions.  I definitely would too, since we’re out in this place in the dark .  Next, He tells me he’s almost done, and I would have my car keys and be out of here.  I’ve got to give it to this guy from The Car Key Shop.  He’s in the dark, working in the car and it’s not even bothering him in the least.  Then he just tapped on the door.  “That does it.  Come on and test out your new car key,” he said.  Everything turned out to be all right.  I asked him, “Were you a little scared out there?”  “No,” he says, “This is the University Campus.  Nothing bad ever happens here.  I’m going to the Wawa.”  And then, he took off.  Regardless of what the lost car key dude said, it’s still scary out here, even though it is in my own rear driveway.  Thank you, guy from the Car Key Shop.  — From now on I always keep my key every time I go into the dark!  lost car key made Philadelphia,car key replacement philadelphia,car keys made philadelphia,car key philadelphia,lost keys made philadelphia,car keys Philadelphia,lost car key maker Philadelphia,lost car keys made philadelphia,The Car Key Shop,215-Car-Keys


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