Tech Checker Edition Number #32 Portable BlueTooth Keyboard Aircraft-grade Aluminum | March 19, 2016

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Product Description


This Bluetooth keyboard is lightweight. Unique Tri-fold to be ultra portable and save space, put it in your pocket and go traveling, classroom, meeting room, cafe and recreation, when need communicate with your friends, opening his body began to typing.




Tri-fold Pocket Size


This ESYNiC foldable Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard is pocket size and slim design, even smaller than an iPhone 6 plus after being folded, letting you use it everywhere by carrying it in your pocket




Aircraft-grade Aluminum


Made of aircraft-grade aluminum for superior rigidity, give someone a sense of sturdiness




Compatible with IOS/Android/Windows


After connecting with the device, you can press Fn+relative OS key(Q for Android, W for Windows, E for iOS)to select operating system




Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery


Built-in 210mAh lithium battery, provides more than 60 hours of effective usage time, on a single charge




QWERTY Layout with Hot Keys


You can use these functions by pressing Fn and the same colour key together




With Free Portable Carrying Leather Case Cover


The case can be used as a stand, lets you see web pages, watching videos easily




Comfortable and Quite Typing


The whisper-quiet, low-profile chocolate buttons provide you comfortable and pleasing typing experience




Package Included:


1 x Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard


1 x USB Power cable


1 x User Manual


1 x Case Cover (Case can be used as a stand)






1. This keyboard doesn’t support the Win 8 Mobile


2. For Android 4.4 users: The Caps Lock indicator may not light, but will still function normally


3. This keyboard doesn’t support for the device with Bluetooth 2.0 or below






【The Most Mini and Comfortable Travel Size 】 Pocket Size and smaller than an iPhone 6 plus after being folded.Extremely Portable for on-the-go devices. Meanwhile, it comes with a case that keeps it safe and also doubles as a stand for your tablet/phone.


【Bluetooth 3.0 Muti-device Compatible Keyboard 】 Works well with all Bluetooth enabled devices with IOS (iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, iPad Pro), Android or Windows system. Built-in Broadcom Bluetooth module gives you a range of up to 10-metres range


【Extended Battery Life 】Built-in rechargeable 210mAh Li-Ion battery,which is up to 60 days in standby mode without charging, with 80 hours continuous use.


【Reasonable Layout and Pleasing Typing Experience 】QWERTY Layout with Hot keys Customized for all iPads, Including Volume, Music Control, Brightness etc. Each key was responsive with no notice of input delay.


【Intelligent Magnetic ON/Off Function 】 Open the keyboard (which acts as an ON / OFF switch) connection is established immediately.The keyboard also features a power saving mode that will sleep after 10 minutes of inactivity ut awakes again at the tap of a key.






I have started this channel as there seams to be a load of USA tech channels that show you where to buy Tech at a good price but most are US links and then you have to ay import tax.


So I decided to start this channel up if I get enough interest I will do more videos on UK site.


If you have a site you can recommend for me to check out please leave a comment below.

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