Lost Car Keys Made in Philadelphia and the Tale of Terror | March 19, 2016

Lost Car Keys Made in Philadelphia and the Tale of TerrorLost Car Keys Made in University City and the Tale of Terror


I sure hope the lost car keys guy gets here quickly, because this is starting to get me scared!  My name is


Kevin, and this is my story .  It’s a dark windy night, the wind is howling, it’s raining cats and dogs, and the leaves are rattling.  The only light I can make out in the dark is the flicker of my lighter as I light my cigarette.  Nobody is out here except me. I’m between two trees, waiting for car key replacement for the used car that I bought at the city auction earlier.  This is  how I got into this situation:  I went to the auction today and bid on a 1999 Impala for one thousand dollars.  What a steal!  The catch is that there’s no key.  Right after that I did a search for a couple of car key shop guys to make the car key for me, but that’s when I found out that nobody wanted to come out here to this desolate place.  So while I wait for the lost car key locksmith at ( , I’ll just make note of my will…  


Just then I could spot something in the distance — I wonder if that’s the key maker . . . Just thenthe phone rang and scared the water out of me!  Ok.  It’s the locksmith, and he’s parking his truck.  I pull out my driver license, and he works on my new set of car keys.  I don’t blame him for asking questions.  I definitely would too, since we’re out in the dark .  Then He tells me he’s almost done, and in a couple of minutes I would have my car keys and be out of here.  I’ve got to give it to this guy from The Car Key Shop.  He’s out there in the dark, working inside and outside the car like it’s not even affecting him or anything.  The next thing I knew, he just knocked on the door.  “That’s about it.  Come on and try out your new key,” he said.  Everything turned out to be a.o.k.  I said, “Weren’t you a little scared ?”  “No,” he said, “This is the University Campus.  Nothing bad ever goes on around here.  I’m going to Wawa.”  And then, he sped away.  I don’t care what the said, it’s still scary out here, even though it is in the back of my apartment complex.  Thank you, Mr Locksmith guy.  — Now I have my keys whenever I go  


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