Tech Checker Edition Number #30 LED EDITION From 5 Star lighting UK Company. | March 18, 2016

Welcome To Tech Checker.


The Links for the products shown are Below.


The First is the Bulb the others are the Strips in 1 meter or 5 meter and the different types of remotes.


This is A UK Seller and you will be sent the LED’S from the UK.


5 Star Lighting is a UK Company From Preston. (Light Bulb)


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Here is some information about 5 Star lighting.


5 Star Lighting® Ltd is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service. We are a Companies House registered UK business & have been trading in UK for the past 11 years.


We are committed to ensuring that you are completely satisfied with every transaction. Our motto is: 100% Satisfaction guaranteed!


Due to being honest & genuine we have become a leading specialist e-tailer and wholesaler of interior & exterior energy saving LED bulbs, outdoor all weather LED lighting solutions and auto-mobile LED/HID/XENON lighting solutions provider.


We are here to help you resource the best value energy saving LED lighting products, reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint on this wonderful planet! So far, we believe that we have saved Britain and European households and businesses hundreds of thousands of pounds on their utility bills! And that doesn’t even take into account the saving to the environment through offering premium quality energy saving LED light bulbs.


Every item purchased before 3.00pm is dispatched promptly the same day & we hope that you will receive them quickly. If there is any issue with your purchase please send me a message & I will personally try my very best to resolve it, as most issues can easily be resolved by communication.


Kind regards. Jerry


The Music in the video has come from


I have the artist approval to use this music in the video.


If you like the music Please let them know.


I have started this channel as there seams to be a load of USA tech channels that show you where to buy Tech at a good price but most are US links and then you have to ay import tax.


So I decided to start this channel up if I get enough interest I will do more videos on UK site.


If you have a site you can recommend for me to check out please leave a comment below.

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