Car Key Replacement Philadelphia and Customer Therapy | February 29, 2016

Car Key Replacement Philadelphia and Customer Therapy. Now we have to cover the subject of lost key therapy for The Car Key Shop philadelphia drivers.  the reason being when they call for help, they are quite stressed and in need of group therapy. Lets take out first calle.  Our first caller took the car to the repair shop for a tuneup.  the owner called to say he couldn’t find the engine key call so he called to seeanted to know if she had aextra one hidden anywhere.  Right away, she phoned The Car Key Shop in Philadelphia, Pa, at (215) 407-5942.  Ok.  I have an idea. My suggestion for her is:  tie a shoe string around it. 






Our next caller went out to get the laundry out of the trunk and after that she couldn’t find her car keys.   She’s on the line now and she is STRESSED OUT!


Well, Tell her I just thought of something that might help her. Tie a string  around it!


  Well, that wraps it up for today.  


We’ll see you  next week when we’ll talk about customer therapy from the car key shop. 

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