The anonymous customer calls the car key shop at (215) 407-5942 for yet another Philadelphia replacement car key ! | September 16, 2014

The anonymous customer calls the car key shop at (215) 407-5942 for yet another replacement car key !

Hey is this some kind of conspiracy or something? I get into an argument with my girlfriend and she retaliates by taking my car keys and leaving the house! Sound familiar at the Car Key Shop in Philadelphia? Well it should because I found a story like that on your website and now here comes the clincher. The same thing just happened to me ! Are you guys giving people ideas or help? Now it’s time to come clean… that guy in the story I said I found… was me. That’s right it happened to me again! This is how it all went down. I was so happy about the replacement car keys service that I had gotten from the car key shop locksmith that I wrote a testimonial and the guys posted it. Proud of myself for writing such a funny letter that got posted I started bragging to my friends. One of those friends happens to go with my girl’s best friend who read it and told her. “Girl he’s making you sound like a real bitch!” she tells her. Next thing I know she comes in the room with her laptop and my letter on the screen. I tried to think one step ahead of her and while she was still arguing, I went looking for my keys. But it was already too late! As she went walking out the door I didn’t even hesitate. I went straight to the phone and called my best friend that’s right the locksmith at the Car Key Shop.
When I called him and told him who I was and where I lived he remembered me. I mean this guy must deal with dozens of people a day so how can he remember me? When he arrived I greeted him with a smile and said “Hey man I know you won’t have any problems, and here’s your money.” Forty five minutes later he knocked on the door to my house with my new car keys in his hand. Is everything all right I asked? Sure, he said. I just have two more things to add. “First, I don’t usually do this but, here I made you a spare chip key. Second, next time you post a story at, just use another name.” Now you see what I mean about these guys. A real friend and you just can’t put a price on that. Lost car keys my brother thanks again, Anonymous to the car key shop.

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