Lost Car Keys Made at the Philadelphia three ring circus | April 9, 2014


Lost Car Keys Made at the Philadelphia three ring circus
I Lost my car keys at a three ring circus and had to call 215-407-5942 at Hey, don’t laugh y’all. If this is The Car Key Shop at lost car keys made Philadelphia group, I was told that you guys were sympathetic good listeners. I’m Calvin last month I took my kids to the Universal Circus. It’s a great show I take my kids every year. Always a good time, the clowns the animals, rides, music the works. The only problem was the parking. There’s never enough parking near by. This year I had to park three blocks away, well that is since I didn’t want to pay the high parking cost. Well, in the long run I paid for it anyway. Like I said, a really good time, dancing, rides and games. No wonder I never felt or heard when I dropped my car keys. Maybe it was all that clowning around with the clowns. My smile turned upside down. One of the clowns suggested lost car keys made Philadelphia at The Car Key Shop to find a locksmith to make me new car keys.
But there was a silver lining to this story, you see. There are some friends of mine who are no strangers to lost car keys. My brother has a wicked habit of losing his car keys and I get on him all the time, “Hey s_-_ happens” is his motto. “Well, it wouldn’t keep happening to you” if you were more careful that was always my answer. So you see how difficult it was to call him and ask for his help. Anyway the lost car keys made Philadelphia guys show up after I called 215-407-5942. I tell them about my brother and they reply “Yeah we know your brother. Nice guy.” They do the work and have me in my car in no time and then the guy say’s “Oh yeah your brother told me to tell you, “s_-_ happens!” Hey lost car keys guy, you’re are all right with me.

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