Replacement Car Keys made for Philadelphia’s Oscar Dee | March 23, 2014

Replacement Car Keys for Philadelphia’s Oscar Dee

What the heck is the deal with Valet Parking attendants and your car keys? My name is Oscar and I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more. I am glad however that there are still some people who take pride in their work like the lost car keys Philadelphia locksmiths at The Car Key Shop. This is what happened with my car keys. I go out in center city a lot because I like the restaurants, bars and the other night life that the city has to offer. Parking in center city at night can be a nightmare if you let it. You just might end up calling 215-407-5942 which is the number from an google search for lost car keys. But I don’t even let that slow me down. I know I have to pay for parking so I pay. I prefer the valet parking lots over the park it yourself lots I just feel that they are more secure. Never had a problem with them with my car keys in the past but last night was terrible. The lot attendant seemed to be preoccupied with a bunch of other car keys when I first pulled up on the lot. He was on his cell phone ad handling car keys with about three cars pulling up at the same time. “Just leave your car keys in the car old head”. Old head he calls me, disrespectful right off the bat. I walk up to him to get my claim ticket and he say’s “What’s up?” what’s up I respond, is I need my claim ticket to pick up my car. His answer, “My bad” I just didn’t know at the time how bad.
After a nice dinner at a new Cuban steakhouse I go to claim my car. I get to the lot give him my ticket, and he asks me to wait while he gets the manager. Getting the manager is never good. Did he crash my car or something? The manager comes out saying “There was a problem with your car keys, sir.” What problem, I ask. “The car keys were lost but are having replacement car keys made now.” I take a deep breath and ask can I go see who’s working on my car. Sure the manager says and takes me to the car. He introduces me to the locksmith and we start a conversation. How did he find you I ask and he tells me about the lost car keys Philadelphia website at and that if I get a chance to check it out. “Do you really mean that if I have a laptop in my trunk right now?” I tell him laughing. He pops the trunk and I go right to the lap top. Once on the site I start laughing and asking about the content. Especially since this 215-407-5942 number pops up automatically. “Oh yeah I remember that one” he says. We were laughing and joking like old friends about lost car keys made Philadelphia. The stories are hilarious. Before you know it, I was shaking his hand and thanking him for such good work. Hey wait a minute, here take this I say offering him a twenty dollar tip. I don’t plan on being a regular at the lost car keys Philadelphia group meetings, but you can sure count on some referrals from me. Thanks to The Car Key Shop Guy.

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