Philadephia Car Keys Made Here ! | March 15, 2014


Philadephia Car Keys Made Here !
Hello lost car keys Philadelphia group at The Car Key Shop ! My name is Miss Lee. My husband and I have run a neighborhood corner hardware store for about thirty-five years. We have a sign that we display very prominently and proudly in our window, “Car Keys Made Here”. Had it up for years. Although we didn’t specialize in making replacement car keys or even have a car key shop, our worker had become very good at making car keys. Occasionally we would come across some newer car keys we couldn’t do. Lately more and more of our customers have come to us with this problem and we always have found a way to satisfy our customer’s needs. This led us to search for a reputable locksmith that we could trust to refer our customers to. My grand daughter is very internet savvy and we asked her to conduct this search for us. A couple days later she came into a very exciting story when she searched the words “lost car keys made Philadelphia”. “I think I found just the guy for you” she said. She then showed us the lost car keys Philadelphia website with all the letters from satisfied customers and decided that we would give them a try. She copied the contact info which read the car key shop 215-407-5942.
About four days later a lost car keys customer who had previously asked us about a car key came back into the store. We asked if he was still interested in getting the car keys made. He said yes but that it was very expensive and that he still did not come across the lost car keys. I wrote down 215-407-5942 for him and insisted he give them a call. Two days later he came back into the store “Thanks a lot Miss Lee, those guys were great!” he said smiling and reaching to shake my hand. “They came out to my house made the car keys right on the spot and didn’t charge me as much as the car dealership would have. Thanks again.” Another satisfied customer that’s what we strive for. It looks like I found me a way to help a whole new type of customer thanks to you people at . I have my grand daughter writing this letter for me. Maybe I’ll get her to teach me the internet so I can write you myself. Thank you again lost car keys Philadelphia at The Car Key Shop !

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