215 407 5942 says here’s LOST or broken car keys MADE for Philadelphia drivers who (don’t like to) use the door ! | January 1, 2014

215 407 5942 says here’s REPLACEMENT LOST OR BROKEN CAR KEYS made for drivers in Philadelphia who (don’t like to) use the car door !  Hey what’s up Diesel at the keyboard hollering out to the car key makers at the car key shop locksmith at (215) 407 5942, dude is definitely proper.  I’m a player at the street races you know the illegal ones like they show in the fast and the furious, yeah that stuff is for real.  I got me a 2007 black on black convertible Nissan Z car.  I call it The Black Beauty, my ride is HOT!  I mean smoking baby, I don’t run it I leave the racing to them other guys.  I’m just there to make the money.  I bet on the side and back other drivers, the winners for sure. This is how I bumped into the lost car keys Philadelphia guys. It’s all about showmanship down there, who’s got the hot rods, who’s winning the money and the races.  Flash and cash that’s what we call it.  My boy Rack and I worked out this routine where we park talk to the shorties (girls) and then when we get ready to leave I yell “Lets roll Kato!” My man throws me the car keys, we jump in the car without opening the doors, I put the key in the ignition and we peel out.  See what I mean showmanship that’s what’s up.  Slow car keys is for chumps !
After successfully pulling off this routine a few times  and not thinking of needing new  car keys made, the girls started asking us to do, “Let’s roll Kato.”  Not wanting to disappoint we do the routine.  One day we do the routine we jump in the car I pull off and I feel something hit my feet, I look down and, oh no, my car key broke off in the ignition!  Damn!  Now I don’t know what to do, should I cut the car off or what?  I go home and hit up the internet searching for lost car keys made Philadelphia and find the car key shop.  I call the car keys dude at 215 407 5942.  He comes out and makes me new car keys, no muss no fuss.  Then he tells me about how jamming my car key into the ignition is a recipe for disaster and could cause this to happen again.  Maybe I should come up with a new routine, something with a remote start.  Yeah I like that idea. You can reach the car key shop at   Hey,  lost Car keys made locksmith, good looking out homes from Diesel in North East Philly!

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