THE CAR KEY SHOP at 215 407 5942 replaces car keys for the guitar man | September 11, 2013


THE CAR KEY SHOP at 215 407 5942 replaces car keys for the guitar man
What a week I have had ending with replacement car keys! Please allow me to introduce myself to the car key shop readers. I go by the name of Carlos. I am named after the famous guitarist Carlos Stana. This is my introduction to the lost car keys Philadelphia locksmith group. I’m not bragging or anything, I just so happen to be kind of a local celebrity myself, an on-air personality they call it. Together my wife and I have accumulated about three cars and with our careers it can get hectic with all the running around. Last week I had a promotional tour with four night clubs over three nights and left my car keys at one of the clubs and didn’t remember which one. Since a limo picks me up and drops me off I didn’t worry too much about it.

The next day I asked my wife for her set of car keys and found out that she had lost her car keys too and needed replacements! . Aye! Now it is time to call lost car keys Philadelphia which is the car key shop that always comes thru. The car key shop for lost keys in Philadelphia can be reached at 215-407-5942. A new set of car keys can be made from the dealer although the prices are outrageous! So, we go to the internet to search for the car key shop. I live in Jersey and I work in Philadelphia, so I look for the car key shop for new car keys. I come across The Car Key Shop for lost car keys made in Philadelphia. Wish I had a talk show so I could heavily promote the car key shop guys. They are awesome at the car key shop. I call the guy up and ask about car keys to my car which is brand new and still under warranty, with all kinds of new security devices on it. “No problem” he says and at a price way below the dealers. Okay, cool, so I book him. Lost car keys made Philadelphia comes out, and while he’s there I tell him my story about how I lost both sets of car keys to a new car and could he possibly make me two new car keys sets. Again, “No problem” in about an hour and a half he was done and was checking both sets of car keys. Now I’m getting two sets of car keys to a brand new car at below dealer prices. I couldn’t be happier! Not unless I hadn’t lost the car keys at all. I see why so many people write in for these guys. The lost car keys made Philadelphia guys are celebrities in their own right! Thanks Lost car keys made Philadelphia from me, Carlos. The car key shop at really helped me out of this lost car keys situation.



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