2154075942 says here’s How To find spare CAR KEYS if they are not where you left them. | June 30, 2013

spare car keys hide and seek

How not to hide car key spares

2154075942 says here is How to find spare CAR KEYS if they are not where you left them.


Hide and Seek with my CAR KEYS, my girlfriend hides and I seek my CAR KEYS
The lost car keys locksmith group at TheCarKeyShop 215 407 5942 should provide another service, couples counseling. Hey everybody this is Freddy and I’m not the kind of guy to go venting and crying to other people and crap but this chick I got, Whew! Since this is on the internet I guess it’s kind of confidential so here goes. I’m a construction worker and going from site to site we leave keys and other valuables in our cars and trucks so the car keys won’t get lost on the site. I leave my house and car keys in my truck glove compartment when at work and another set at home in my closet at home. My girl knows this and sometimes I even leave the spare set somewhere out side so she can let herself in when I run late from work. We get into this big argument about me seeing other girls and having female company. I really don’t but she thinks I do. She runs back into the bedroom get dressed and ask me to take her home, so I do. Then the next day she sneaks up to the job site, goes in my car and takes my house key off the ring. I know it was her because nobody else knows where I keep it. I get home and no house key so I realize that I have to get in the house and get my other house keys and car keys or else I’ll have a complete set of lost keys. I knew about the lost car keys guys because a friend of mine used them before but I don’t have a computer or their phone number on me. I call my man to book the lost car keys locksmith for me hoping that they do residential locks too in case of lost keys.

After a short while the 215 407 5942 lost car keys guy shows up. “What’s the story?” he asks, well how do you know there’s a story? “There’s always a story,” he adds. As I’m telling him the story he picks the lock and the door is open. He asks will that be all? I tell him yeah I got a spare key and car keys in the bedroom. I pay him and he walks out the door and as I go to get my extra set of car keys and they aren’t there! I run to the door in a full tilt yelling Yo! Hey, wait a minute! Can you make me a house key and car keys ? “Sure just give me your copy of the key” and then I stutter, Well here’s the problem with that. I think she took it last night when she got dressed to leave. All right buddy you need all new locks, not just lost keys made. So I agree. Then later, she calls me and I ask did she have my key. “No ask your other girlfriend!” and hangs up. Hey lost car keys dude if you out there, help help, from Freddy.

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