Car Keys at the Lunch Truck, Car Keys not, Car Keys at the Lunch Truck, Car Keys not | June 26, 2013

Car Keys at the Lunch Truck, Car Keys not, Car Keys at the Lunch Truck, Car Keys not. 215 407 5942 brings you CAR KEYS and lunch truck, car keys not, carkeys and lunch truck, car keys not by
Hey, hey, hey, what’s up my car keys brothers? The keys, car keys and lost car keys made boys, that’s what’s up. Hey man these car keys guys are great! I lost my car keys, found my ld car keys, got new car keys made that I paid for, and I still like these guys! Check this out. Oh I’m sorry. My name is Lenny and I work in an industrial park in Philly. Most of the time we eat lunch at a hot dog cart that parks on the lot. Went down to lunch with my boys this one particular day. Just a bunch of clowns, but nice guys you know. A lot of fooling around, tom foolery and such. It makes the day go by faster. One day last week we started throwing food at each other and at the food cart. We messed around ’till it was late and had to run back to work. Come time to get off and look, I don’t have my Car keys! So I retrace my steps and start thinking that I must have left them at the lunch truck. By now it’s after four o clock and the lunch truck is gone. What makes it so bad is I was scheduled to go on vacation the next day and now I have NO CAR KEYS!
My partner Mike his pop is a real estate landlord and he uses these car keys guys, I don’t know what that has to do with renting apartments though, but my boy say’s they don’t just do car keys. They do everything! So I figure “all right, I’ll try the CAR KEYS boys.” After work we google them up on my man’s smart phone. He hits Google and types in “lost car keys made in Philadelphia” and he was right they really can do everything. Anything that has to do with locks, keys, cars, car keys or locksmithing. Lost car keys Made, anything! It’s so cool. The locksmith comes and he whips up my car keys and I shoot home to go on vacation. Come back from a nice two week long vacation, go to lunch at the truck and what do I see? There’s my car keys ! Can you beleive it? AFTER MY 2 week VACATION, those car keys were on the lunch truck! Thanks car key shop, you’re all right with me. Lenny from Philadelphia and I still have my car keys with me this time!

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