carkeyphiladelphia and The troubled Philadelphia man calls 2154075942 to have car keys made! | June 17, 2013

carkeyphiladelphia and The troubled Philadelphia man calls 2154075942 to have car keys made! The troubled Philadelphia man with No Philadelphia car keys calls 2154075942 ! There’s an old saying that goes, sometimes trouble can follow a man all around town. They had to be talking about me. My name is Carl and my life sounds like a Lost Philadelphia car keys blues record. My wife left me because I work too many hours on the job. She took the dog with her and I had to move from a nice apartment to a small one bed room efficiency. This monday a riot breaks out on my job. Did I mention that I was a prison guard? Well all these things are what led me to the lost Car keys Philadelphia locksmiths. Every body knows that the Philadelphia prison system is over crowded and that was what started the riot. No body got hurt in the riot but after the smoke cleared I noticed that my Brand new Philadelphia car keys weren’t on my belt! Now the prison has very strict rules about carrying your car keys and other personal items on the floor of a Philadelphia prison. Being distracted by what’s going on in my personal life had a lot to do with that lapse in judgment. Getting new Philadelphia car keys made was my only option; you can’t walk around wondering which one of three hundred prisoners has your car keys.So, on my lunch break in the Philadelphia prison snack room computer I find the lost car keys Philadelphia locksmith at and called them. It felt good to have a sympathetic ear listening to me for a change. After my shift I get home and the guys call me from http://www.carkeylocksmithphiladelphia.comImage and confirm their arrival time. Sure enough, they arrive on time and I think a little early even. After I tell him my tale of woe while he was working, he made some suggestions as to how to improve not only the security of my Philadelphia house but how to carry my car keys and anything else I want safely in Philadelphia. You know these guys were real smart and compassionate in their work and not only about car keys. Shoot, after they were done I asked if they could use a guy like me who was looking for a change in his life. They even had an answer to that. “When life gives you lemons make lemonade” True, and it beats trouble following a man. Thanks for the pep talk, guys. Watch the video here: Carl the lemonade man in Philadelphia, car keys and all.

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