AMAZING ! 215 407 5942 has done it again for lost car key Philadelphia customer! | November 24, 2011 215 407 5942 has done it again ! Amazing!
This thing is really amazing I mean these lost keys Philadelphia locksmith guys! These car key guys are good, no joke.

I’m one of those auction goers who buy and sell cars as a sideline. We see the same guys all the time, the ones that buy and sell I mean. We share information all the time on mechanics, sales techniques, tow truck companies and everything. Buying low, getting the work done cheaply and selling at a profit. Thats our objective. Cheaper isnt always better, especially when it comes to getting car keys made. I lucked up and scored a nice Toyota Avalon and I thought I would save some money by using a cheaper locksmith to have car keys made and thats when I found out you get what you pay for. This is what happened. First off, the guy that came wasnt aware that my car was equipped with a high security car key, but tried to make what he called a mechanical keythat wouldnt start the car until I had it programmed. Well o.k. I thought, but when can you program it? Then he told me he couldnt program the car key. I had to take it to the Philadelphia Toyota car dealer to get the car key made and the chip programmed. Well I shot down that idea and told him never mind and that I didnt have enough money for the price he quoted me for everything anyway.

Everybody's talking about  215 407 5942  !

Listen to me ! These guys are really good !


The next call I made was to one of my buddies and asked,

Who are you using to get your Philadelphia car keys made now?His response was, Get on the computer and google, lost car keys Philadelphia.I did and it was way cool! All the information and stuff that they had on the site… the videos, the stories and letters! I call the guy give him the year make and model of my car and he knows right away that its a Chip key! Then he gives me a great price and promises to program the key right on the spot! We set an appointment time and he shows up ten minutes early. An hour later I was in the car, keys made, programmed and everything. Like I said earlier, cheaper isn’t

 always better. But one thing for sure, in Philadelphia, lost car keys locksmith is a keeper! Remember that. 215 407 5942. Lewis from South West Philly.

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