Philadelphia Detective needs house keys, calls 215 407 5942 for house keys in Philadelphia ! | October 31, 2011

Car Key Locksmith gets keys made for the Philadelphia undercover detective !
A new house in a new neighborhood and a new set of keys made. Hi. I’m Ernie and I had two out of those three and that’s what lead me to the Lost Car keys Philadelphia sites. I just bought a new house in the North East section of the city, moving from South Philly. So, new house, new neighborhood, new keys made. The new set of keys made is because, I always feel a little bit safer knowing that nobody else has keys to my house but me. So a search of the internet leads me to lost car keys made Philadelphia. I look the site over and find it to be informative and frankly, kind of fun! So I call the guy up and tell him that I need three locks changed throughout the house. We agree on a time and set an appointment. When he shows up, he gives me plenty of options that I had never thought of and one of them was to upgrade my entry door lock to a high security lock. Then, a new lock on the rear door and a new lock on my steel door on the back of the house.
While working on the front door, I ask him about other security measures I could use in the house including a safe and alarm system. And he has suggestions and solutions to all of these questions. I kind of like the fact that we think alike on some of these matters, so I let him in on a secret that I usually don’t tell people when they work on my house. You see, I am a Philadelphia police officer and usually, you don’t make people aware of that fact. However this guy was a professional and one of the few that I feel really understands that the nature of my business is not only the security of others, but myself as well. I tell you, he did a great job on my doors and locks. And we are going to work on some of those other issues as well. So, I recommend the Lost keys Philadelphia locksmiths for work and the lost keys made Philadelphia site for fun! As a cop and as a friend, Thanks Buddy, Ernie.


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