Car keys k mart, car keys Philadelphia ! | October 28, 2011

Lost Car Keys and the Philadelphia K Mart tales of Woe !
All Solved by calling      215 407 5942
Hello lost key Philadelphia group, my name is Kenny, and I too have lost keys Philadelphia style. Now this is my story of woe. I felt really stupid about putting this in print for possibly millions to read, but you seem like a sympathetic crowd. So here goes!
It started getting cold a couple weeks ago so I decided to catch a couple space heaters on sale at K mart. I found a nice sale, so I bought a couple of them. On my way to the check out I noticed a blue ray disc player at a ridiculously low price. So I run the heaters out to the car so I can come back and check out the blue ray. I throw the heaters in the trunk and as soon as I shut the lid I knew it. I had dropped the keys in the trunk too! Damn ! Now what ? So I go back into the store to customer service and see if they have any suggestions. The clerk searches Google for lost car keys Philadelphia. She comes up with this

and a link to car key car keys Philadelphia. We call I like what they say and I book them. While I’m waiting for the locksmith, I settle up on the blue ray. The locksmith comes and we exchange pleasantries and then he’s off to work. While he’s working on the car I get a chance to read some of you guys’ letters and I start feeling comfortable like I’m around friends. That really felt great! So any how, three minutes later he comes in the store with my original keys in his hand and asks would I like copies to prevent any further mishaps. Now he could have just made trunk keys and charged for that, but instead he just did an ” open up ” on the doorand used the trunk release. (Cost less) Very nice of him to do that and give me the option. “Sure buddy, what ever you say,” I told him. All together with the heaters, the blue ray, and the lost car keys Philadelphia encounter I still didn’t even spend that much! So my hat’s off to you, Lost keys Philadelphia group and the car key car keys Philadelphia guys. Your therapy is working and here’s my tip to all of you. . . “Shop K mart!” Thanks a lot. Kenny.

here’s the youtube link to watch Kenny’s story on video:  215 407 5942

You say you locked them in where ?





Car Key Locksmith Philadelphia and the Big Day at the High Rise !




Mack is back, Lost car keys Philadelphia group!


The lost car keys Philadelphia locksmiths came in to begin our master key system. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m working with the lost keys Philadelphia guys to solve a security problem in the high rise that I manage. Let me tell you, these guys are really amazing! The truck pulls up and three guys wearing black tee shirts and pants and carrying all this equipment! It’s like a scene out of “Men in Black ” or something. Very cool! I show them to the apartment we provided them. They bring in some more equipment and say, “We’ll call you when we’re ready to start” and shut the door. Boom! Two hours later the phone rings, “Come on up Mack.” I go to the room, and they let me in and Wow! They got computers going, some kinda lights flashing, a wheel grinding out keys and some kinda, Beep! Bap! Boot! Beep! Bap! Boot! noise going on! These guys are equipped for way more than just car keys and that’s no joke. They explain to me that the Lost keys Philadelphia and car key car keys Philadelphia work that they do is just a fraction of what they are qualified to do. And from what I see here today they ain’t kidding. In the small amount of time they were here they already put up a new door and some cool high security locks to protect their equipment when they leave. It included some kind of self-contained alarm system that calls their cell phones! Doors, high security locks, alarm systems and cameras !? Man all these years I thought I knew what these guys could do! But you know what? Lost car keys Philadelphia, Car key car keys Philadelphia, that doesn’t even begin to describe what these guys can really do. Hey this is Mack and I’ll be back.


To be continued…






Car Key Locksmith Philadelphia and the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE job




Hello. “Hi. Is this the lost car keys Philadelphia locksmith?” That was the call I put in after signing in on the car key car keys Philadelphia website. You guys may remember me and you may not. My nickname is “The Bodyguard.” “Yeah, I remember you buddy. Rittenhouse Square right?” That was reassuring to know that they remembered me. “What can I do for you?” he added. “Well this is the situation. A very elegant string of graduated black pearls strung in a twenty-four-inch necklace appraised at $18.000.00 is stuck in a safe that my client has forgotten the combination to. And to add insult to injury, she hired another locksmith to open it and he couldn’t. Not only did he damage the safe, but he failed to open it. So your mission should, you decide to accept it, would be to open the safe, recover the pearls and suggest to us a suitable replacement for the safe. All while I have her out at an antique auction. It’s a surprise for her birthday. Lost car keys Philadelphia team, I need your answer now. . . His answer, “See you in an hour.” Light the fuse, and Que the music. This one is straight out of a Mission Impossible episode, baby.


The lost car keys Philadelphia team was scheduled to arrive just as we left. Then, they had three hours to complete the job. Then, they had to be gone before we returned from the auction. Their contact was her husband, who stayed at the house with all the necessary paperwork and I.D. to legally do the job. I received my first update an hour later. Her husband told me they (the locksmith team) had arrived and wouldn’t allow him to remain in the room. (Where the safe is) Yeah, there’s a mystique to that safe cracking too, you know. An hour later she starts feeling a little ill at the antique auction. I give her something to eat but it doesn’t help and she wants to go home. Two hours into what was supposed to be a three-hour job. So far, not good. So I call her husband to tell him the change in our timing and that we would be home soon. “Soon? How Soon ?” he panicked. “In fifteen minutes,” I replied. “But they’re not done yet! Let me ask him how long,” he said. “No, you can’t bother them. We just have to deal with that when we get there.” Twenty minutes later we pull up in front of the house and I see the locksmiths van still parked out back. I grab her belongings and help her out of the car. As we come into the front of the house, I see the back door closing. I seat her and come back out front to drive to the rear to park the car, and see the lost car keys Philadelphia locksmith wave to me from his truck window, start his van and pull off. Now we know the lost car keys Philadelphia boys do more than just car keys and the car key car keys Philadelphia guys are good too, but Damn! That was slick! Mission Accomplished guys! The Bodyguard.







Philadelphia Car Key Locksmith gets nice review from avid blog reader

Lost car keys Philadelphia the site, lost car keys Philadelphia locksmiths, and lost keys car Philadelphia, the reviews. I kind of consider my self an avid blog reader. I mean I read all kinds of stories on the internet and have been spending a bit of time reading this one. Let me introduce myself to the group members. My name is Selena, and before my fascination with the internet I used to watch a lot of reality shows. Until one day a girlfriend of mine had a problem with a lost car key and had to have a new set of keys made and the site she visited was lost keys Philadelphia. She came back to work the next day and told me how happy she was with the work that was done and even posted an approval with the company. We went on line to read her story and that’s when I saw all the other letters from past customers! It’s amazing how many other people have found themselves under very different conditions with the same problem . . . being locked out! You can almost feel their emotions coming through in their letters and that’s what hooked me. With all the human drama, the comedy and tragedy, there’s this calming and simple solution right at their fingertips . . . a locksmith. But not just any locksmith, a GOOD one.

Now we know that there are dozen’s of guys who perform this service throughout the city. But what makes these guys different is that they make you feel comfortable in what could be a stressful and anxious situation. A knowledgeable and competent professional who has answers to your questions, and solutions to your problems. How much is that worth ? There was a popular credit card commercial that would answer that question with the word “Priceless.” I guess that by now you have realized that this really is not a typical lost keys Philadelphia story and maybe charter membership to the lost keys Philadelphia group is in my future. But for now, at least by proxy, I feel your guys pain and the pleasure that you get when you sign on and read each others’ stories and help solve each others problems. So in short Lost keys Philadelphia group, keep those letters coming! And to the lost keys Philadelphia locksmiths. . . Keep up the good work! We need people like you out there. Selena from North Philly.

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