If you’ve ever lost YOUR ONLY CAR KEY PHILADELPHIA stories | September 14, 2011

Lost while on vacation.

If you’ve ever lost your key, you may have that empty feeling… like a part of you is missing. You are not alone. We have some stories for you that may help ease the pain. Hearing about how some one in a similar situation was able to cope can be medicinal. Here are some of them.

Lost car key, house key, and cell phone all in one brilliant move !
Here’s my lost car key Philadelphia story !
Lost car key Philadelphia, lost cell phone in Virginia, and lost my mind completely, so I guess I must be in the right place, right ?
Hello everybody my name is Monty and I work for a group of contractors who do building renovations. A few days ago we took a job in West Virginia to prepare a video store to open. The job lasted for three days, so on the last day we went to a local bar to have a drink to celebrate a job well done and I found a set of lost keys left by someone else coming in the door. Maybe I should have taken that as an omen but no, “No worries , Mate,” I said. Then later after we had left West Virginia and were in Baltimore at a rest stop, I went to call home to tell my wife I was on the way home and, guess what, no cell phone !?! Again with the bad vibes; too far from West Virginia to go back. So, the phone was a complete loss . Made the trip home in record time. I was so glad to be back home, the other problems seemed to disappear. Unloaded my bags from the truck, said “see you later” to the rest of the guys, and then , “strike three,” no house keys ! Man I just looked up and screamed silently while shaking my fist, “Why me!? ?” No cell phone to call for help, lost car key, lost house keys, can’t get in my house, it’s two thirty in the morning and no one expecting me to come home! Guess what I did ?…Banged on the door like the police with a search warrant! Needless to say tomorrow morning my first call will be to a locksmith, to replace my lost keys for the house, car keys, and then…

to be continued Monty O, from Philadelphia

BAM ! A Philadelphia car key story by Ron Z.
Never thought I would be writing to ” lost keys Philadelphia” but here I am. I live in Philadelphia and we have a great nightlife and club scene. I am a frequent club attendee and a happy hour freak. Well this particular day the lost keys really cost me. It was the last day for this hot temp who had been working with me for about three months so I had planned this super cool evening of eating, drinking and partying. Well after the first three “happy hours” Melissa seemed to be impressed with my suave manner and knowledge of exotic drinks and we decided to go to the next club. We get outside to the car and BAM! No car keys! After a quick and frantic search of the club I decided it was time to call CarKeyLocksmithPhiladelphia. Now lost keys Philadelphia style can be a costly and expensive lesson to learn, so this time I google in Philadelphia locksmiths to narrow down the search and I get this guy who not only gives me a reasonable price but is sympathetic to my plight. He gets there even before Melissa and I finish our first drink. He listens to my story and reassures me that every thing will be all right, then sends me back into the club. A few minutes (drinks) later he calls me out to the car I have good news and bad news for you… Oh wonderful I think, give me the good news first, so that’s what I say. Well here’s your replacement for the lost keys he said grinning and handing me a new set. And now for the bad news, it’s not going to cost as much as I thought. Well buddy that kind of bad news I can handle. I give the guy a ten dollar tip and as we pull off and head to the next club. Melissa looks at me and says that guy was really good and you know what…I agree thanks a lot Philadelphia car key locksmith dude.

Ron Z from Philadelphia.  
Sheila E, valet manager.
My name is Sheila E and yes, I have a lost keys Philadelphia story. I am a valet parking manager at a very busy center city hotel. At any given time I have about eight very energetic guys working with me. Now most of the time things run pretty smoothly, but every once in a while things get to be hectic. Just last week we had a convention of advertising salesmen at the hotel. Lots of luxury cars and hot guys in sharp suits but that’s another story. They were running in and out of the hotel at a very fast pace when this happens we have what we call a staging area, a secured closed in area were the guys park the cars until they park them permanently. The cars are parked with the keys under the seat with the doors unlocked. This day we had a new guy who had apparently locked the doors on at least four of the cars that he had parked, and didn’t remember which ones. Now lost keys are bad, broken keys are worst but getting lost keys with a remote replaced for high end cars what a nightmare! I remembered the number for a Philadelphia locksmith that I had called before very fast, very efficient. He arrived with help and they went right to work. About thirty minutes later they had unlocked seven cars for me and had returned original car keys and remote. So when I tell you these guys are lifesavers that’s an understatement. really rock! Keep up the good work, guys. Love, Sheila E.

If you need car keys made in Philadelphia, southern New Jersey or Delaware, go to or call 215-407-5942.

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