Hey Philadelphia I’ve lost my car key ! Now what can I do for FREE ?

September 24, 2011
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Have you ever lost your car key and there was no one around able to help ? Ever wondered what you might have done for free ? Now help is as close as your phone, but here are what some of our customers have said they did. Lock our number into your mobile device and have better options. Meanwhile, here are some stories and a short video that look at the question.    You can watch it here:

What’s up good people! My name is Roger T and I’m a first time Lost keys Philadelphia story writer. My story is not really a lost car key story per say, however, since it does involve a locksmith and being locked out of a car, I thought you might be able to feel my pain. I do private duty nursing for special needs patients. This one client that I have has a memory problem due to an illness and sometimes forgets who she with or where she’s at. It usually doesn’t last very long but it can be Inconvenient when it does happen. Like yesterday for example, we were at her house and she decided that she wanted to eat at one of the local Diners in the area, so we decided to take her car because it’s a more comfortable ride . . . it’s a Lexus !         

        As her primary care worker I also drive for her.  You know, the memory problem, right?    Well anyway, we go to the diner and have a great meal but after we leave she tells me that she left her purse in the booth. So I get out the car to go retrieve the purse. When I return to the car, the doors are locked. So, I tap on the window for her to unlock the doors and she answers, “Who are you?” and refuses to open the doors. So now we have a six foot tall black man of muscular built ( not to brag) who appears to be menacing a small Eighty year old White lady in a new Lexus car, who appears to be fearful. Told you this wasn’t a lost keys story per say. Well a couple of patrons in the diner ask the waitress to call the police ! Lucky for me, the waitress was the same one that waited on us and instead of the police, she told the owner, who came outside with a couple of quite burly cooks. “Is everything O.K.?” He asks my patient. “No!” She responds “I don’t know who he is.” After the police arrive and they confirm my story with her husband over the phone, we decide to call in a locksmith, which prompted me to write this lost keys Philadelphia story. After the locksmith came and did the open up with the police officers blessing, again like I said not a lost keys story, everything worked out all right. She even invited the locksmith to go back in and have dessert with us, which he graciously accepted. I mean who could resist lemon meringue pie? Well, Lost keys Philadelphia people this is one happy camper. Roger T. Out.

Hello my name is Angie, and I’ve lost keys Philadelphia style. My story is not exactly a lost key story it’s more of a broken car key story. But you guys are so forthcoming with your stories, I figure, what the heck, I fit in here. A few days ago my sister borrows my car, and she can be a bit of an air head and forgetful to boot. But she had run her errands and called me to have lunch with her when she was done. She came to pick me up and we went to lunch and when we were done, we stopped by a local supermarket to do some last minute shopping and to mail a letter. We stopped in front of the market and we started talking, so she forgot the car was running already, and tried to turn the car key and broke it off in the ignition. Not thinking, we cut the car off to try to remove the broken key instead of going home first. So now here we are in front of the market in a no parking zone, waiting for a locksmith to arrive. The guy comes and is very efficient and polite. He has car keys made in hardly any time at all, so maybe this should be a Car Keys made Philadelphia story instead of a LOST keys Philadelphia story… so, any way, thanks a lot buddy. Oh and by the way, my sister thinks you’re cute.  Angie.

Hello my name is Benita and this is a lost keys Philadelphia story. My aunt Sally, God bless her, is one of those sweet old ladies that once you meet her you never forget her. So when she called me sounding a little upset about some lost keys, quite naturally I wanted to help. Monday is normally my girls night out with my girlfriends so I wanted to make this quick. I hop in the car get to her house, grab the laptop and start searching for a locksmith and run across the Lost keys Philadelphia site. I read a couple stories that I like and decide to book one of the guys from the site. Now the whole time, I’m browsing online, my aunt is downstairs working on something furiously. I assumed that she was looking for the lost keys, so I go downstairs to inform her that I have somebody on the way to get her keys made. “Oh no honey, I’m not looking for those lost keys,” she says, and POOF! She’s gone out the room ! The locksmith comes and asks what keys she needs, so I call her in to tell him what she wants. She shows him two doors and again, POOF! She’s Gone! The whole time we’re working she keeps disappearing and reappearing out of breath. So the locksmith say’s “are you sure she’s alright ? “I guess so,” I tell him. When he’s just about finish the last key she returns again, out of breath. The locksmith asks “what are you doing and do you need any help,” she replies “No just getting the trash ready to sit out.” So the locksmith finishes getting all the keys made, we call her back in the room to check out the keys. She appears out of breath, checks the keys made and POOF! Gone again!
So we call her back in the locksmith says “I’ll help you with the trash, what day is your trash day? Completely out of breath she replies…Thursday. This is all happening in a Monday! Now that’s a lost keys Philadelphia story for you. Trash four days early. My name is Benita and my aunt has really lost keys Philadelphia style.

Lost car keys Philadelphia group, boy have I got a story for you. My name is Jordan and yes I too have lost car keys Philadelphia style, recently I read a story by one of the group about a guy whose girlfriend took his car keys whenever they had an argument. Well, my story is similar with more devastating repercussions. These weren’t
Lost keys, but really, they were just forgotten car keys. I admit I am a bit of a player kind of bouncing between two women. One day a female friend of mine came to pick me up for lunch. The date went well and I was back home before my girlfriend came home from work. She parked her car and came in to start dinner, but she wanted to use my car to get something that she had forgot from the store. When she asked me for my car keys I realized that I left my car keys in the other girl’s car. Not wanting to admit I had done that, I quietly called a locksmith to get new car keys made while I acted like I had lost my first set of keys somewhere in the house. I volunteered to go to the store to buy myself some time to deal with the locksmith. Everything was going well… she was in the kitchen cooking, the locksmith had most of the new car keys made, and neither one knew about the other . . . and then it happened the phone rang! It was my other girlfriend calling to tell me about the lost car keys, but my main girlfriend had answered the phone and all hell broke loose!!! She came at me screaming and hollering!!! A shouting match ensued, and then the phone rang again! This time it was the locksmith. I went outside to pay him and thank him for a job well done… and then I saw her car come careening down the driveway!!!! and then . . . SMASH!!!! She almost hits me head on! I only escaped by jumping over the windshield ! She, crashed into the car that had just had NEW car keys made , which was HER OWN CAR ! Now when I told you this was not your typical car key Philadelphia story, was I kidding? Help! Jordan.

My lost keys for the house. Oh hello lost keys Philadelphia Group! Remember me, Monty the traveler who lost keys in Virginia? Well when last I left you guys I had not yet contacted a locksmith yet to help me replace the keys lost on a road trip, but a friend had told me about the lost keys Philadelphia site and the stories posted and let me tell you it does not disappoint. That next day I called one of the guys suggested by the site and found him very knowledgeable. I own an Infinity with a very high tech security system and a chip key and he was able to not only make the car key, but programmed it as well. After replacing my cell phone that I had lost my wife was glad to see that I gotten all the keys made in one shot. Now I don’t plan on making lost keys a habit, but I will do this… if I ever have a situation where a friend, acquaintance, or even a complete stranger on the street needs to replace lost keys or get car keys made, the car key locksmith Philadelphia guy will have a new member. You guys got me for life. Thanks a lot! I will be swapping stories with you guys in the future. My name is Monty and I am a card-carrying song singing Lost keys Philadelphia Member. Hasta la vista, baby.

If you are in Philadelphia and have lost your car key, call    at  215-407-5942, and you will have a happier outcome. ‘Til next time.

If you’ve ever lost YOUR ONLY CAR KEY PHILADELPHIA stories

September 14, 2011
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Lost while on vacation.

If you’ve ever lost your key, you may have that empty feeling… like a part of you is missing. You are not alone. We have some stories for you that may help ease the pain. Hearing about how some one in a similar situation was able to cope can be medicinal. Here are some of them.

Lost car key, house key, and cell phone all in one brilliant move !
Here’s my lost car key Philadelphia story !
Lost car key Philadelphia, lost cell phone in Virginia, and lost my mind completely, so I guess I must be in the right place, right ?
Hello everybody my name is Monty and I work for a group of contractors who do building renovations. A few days ago we took a job in West Virginia to prepare a video store to open. The job lasted for three days, so on the last day we went to a local bar to have a drink to celebrate a job well done and I found a set of lost keys left by someone else coming in the door. Maybe I should have taken that as an omen but no, “No worries , Mate,” I said. Then later after we had left West Virginia and were in Baltimore at a rest stop, I went to call home to tell my wife I was on the way home and, guess what, no cell phone !?! Again with the bad vibes; too far from West Virginia to go back. So, the phone was a complete loss . Made the trip home in record time. I was so glad to be back home, the other problems seemed to disappear. Unloaded my bags from the truck, said “see you later” to the rest of the guys, and then , “strike three,” no house keys ! Man I just looked up and screamed silently while shaking my fist, “Why me!? ?” No cell phone to call for help, lost car key, lost house keys, can’t get in my house, it’s two thirty in the morning and no one expecting me to come home! Guess what I did ?…Banged on the door like the police with a search warrant! Needless to say tomorrow morning my first call will be to a locksmith, to replace my lost keys for the house, car keys, and then…

to be continued Monty O, from Philadelphia

BAM ! A Philadelphia car key story by Ron Z.
Never thought I would be writing to ” lost keys Philadelphia” but here I am. I live in Philadelphia and we have a great nightlife and club scene. I am a frequent club attendee and a happy hour freak. Well this particular day the lost keys really cost me. It was the last day for this hot temp who had been working with me for about three months so I had planned this super cool evening of eating, drinking and partying. Well after the first three “happy hours” Melissa seemed to be impressed with my suave manner and knowledge of exotic drinks and we decided to go to the next club. We get outside to the car and BAM! No car keys! After a quick and frantic search of the club I decided it was time to call CarKeyLocksmithPhiladelphia. Now lost keys Philadelphia style can be a costly and expensive lesson to learn, so this time I google in Philadelphia locksmiths to narrow down the search and I get this guy who not only gives me a reasonable price but is sympathetic to my plight. He gets there even before Melissa and I finish our first drink. He listens to my story and reassures me that every thing will be all right, then sends me back into the club. A few minutes (drinks) later he calls me out to the car I have good news and bad news for you… Oh wonderful I think, give me the good news first, so that’s what I say. Well here’s your replacement for the lost keys he said grinning and handing me a new set. And now for the bad news, it’s not going to cost as much as I thought. Well buddy that kind of bad news I can handle. I give the guy a ten dollar tip and as we pull off and head to the next club. Melissa looks at me and says that guy was really good and you know what…I agree thanks a lot Philadelphia car key locksmith dude.

Ron Z from Philadelphia.  
Sheila E, valet manager.
My name is Sheila E and yes, I have a lost keys Philadelphia story. I am a valet parking manager at a very busy center city hotel. At any given time I have about eight very energetic guys working with me. Now most of the time things run pretty smoothly, but every once in a while things get to be hectic. Just last week we had a convention of advertising salesmen at the hotel. Lots of luxury cars and hot guys in sharp suits but that’s another story. They were running in and out of the hotel at a very fast pace when this happens we have what we call a staging area, a secured closed in area were the guys park the cars until they park them permanently. The cars are parked with the keys under the seat with the doors unlocked. This day we had a new guy who had apparently locked the doors on at least four of the cars that he had parked, and didn’t remember which ones. Now lost keys are bad, broken keys are worst but getting lost keys with a remote replaced for high end cars what a nightmare! I remembered the number for a Philadelphia locksmith that I had called before very fast, very efficient. He arrived with help and they went right to work. About thirty minutes later they had unlocked seven cars for me and had returned original car keys and remote. So when I tell you these guys are lifesavers that’s an understatement. really rock! Keep up the good work, guys. Love, Sheila E.

If you need car keys made in Philadelphia, southern New Jersey or Delaware, go to or call 215-407-5942.

car key philadelphia group therapy

September 5, 2011
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   Continuing our story, you know the one, the lost car keys Philadelphia story. Today we find ourselves sitting in on a group therapy session. The members are all recovering addicts. They were all addicted to dropped wallet, lost keys, lost cell phone syndrome. But they’ve all received the help they needed  at   You can too. Just call 215-407-5942.   Here they share some of their stories with you…

   Hi, I’m Scott , the mechanic, and I am recovering from lost key syndrome. I have a great motivational story for the car key Philadelphia group, but with this one, I’m innocent, o k ? I needed keys made Philadelphia style for sure, but it wasn’t my fault. I’m a mechanic not a locksmith. That’s a phrase that I got used to hearing over and over again. You see I buy and sell cars. Not professionally, just for a little extra cash every now and then. The cars that I buy are from a local auction that sells cars “as is.” You know the type, impounded and abandoned cars. In Philadelphia we have a lot of auctions like that. Problem is that some of the cars don’t have keys. I don’t know whether they are lost keys Philadelphia style, or what ever. This might be why you hear so many car keys Philadelphia stories. So anyway, you buy your car, get a tow truck and have it delivered to your address or to your mechanic to get it checked out. That’s when I kept hearing that phrase, “I’m a mechanic, not a locksmith.” One day, another buyer says, “why don’t you try these guys” and hands me a key chain with a number on it. So I call the number and talk to the guy. He’s polite and sounds very knowledgeable, so I book him. Well about eleven o’clock they deliver my car without a car key, and I think there’s no way that the car key locksmith will answer this late but I call anyway and guess what ?… HE ANSWERS! He shows up makes the car key even programs the Chip. Man, with a guy like that maybe I really can do this used car thing for a living. “Scotty’s Used Cars,” yeah I like the sound of that. So I say Yes you can get car keys Philadelphia style.
That’s my locksmith Philadelphia story. Thanks a lot dude. Scott G from Philly 🙂
Very good. Thank you for sharing, Scott.
Juanita H‘s locksmith Philadelphia story
   My name is Juanita and this is my first time in the car keys philadelphia group.
I think the locksmith Philadelphia group who share similar stories is just so great. So I would like to share with you one of the most unexpected experiences that I’ve had all summer. I wear my keys around my neck and I was working in a garden in my front yard. Nothing extravagant, just some baby chili peppers, a few plants, an upside down tomato plant. You know, one of those “topsy turvy” things. Then I got called over to the fence by my next door neighbor, so I took her a couple tomatoes and I went back to work a little, picking here, pruning there and some water. So I was done when I went to go in the house, no keys! I look in the garden, and no keys! I look near the house, no keys ! So I call the

Guy to get me in the door and make me a new set. Now, in one regard, getting lost keys made Philadelphia style is a little different than in New York, where I’m originally from. It can get to be real expensive replacing a set of keys there (in New York). So, anyhow, in less than one hour later he arrives. A few minutes after that, when he was working on the last key he asked me to show him how I had lost keys and retrace my steps. So we go outside and I show him; a little picking here, a little pruning there. Then, I go over to the fence where the neighbor was, and I look down , and Oh! Oh No ! Oh my goodness, there they are! They were right there all along ! My Keys ! My Keys !

Now that wasn’t the best money that I had spent so far this summer, but at least he was well mannered and professional. Thank you for sharing you locksmith Philadelphia story, Juanita H. You’ve truly had keys made Philadelphia style.
“The safe cracker” Locksmith Philadelphia story!
This is Rich, from Philly and this is a “Yes you can get keys made in Philadelphia story,” even though I didn’t lose my keys. I want to talk about one of the most professional guys I’ve met in a long time. I’ve been a manager at a theme restaurant for about eight years. It’s a jungle theme, to be exact. There’s always this jungle soundtrack going on, you know, monkeys chattering, elephants, birds and stuff. Creates a real atmosphere. Well, like I said this is not your typical lost keys Philadelphia story. I got called in to close down one of the stores. Seems the former manager left in a hurry without leaving the combination to the safe, and with the last months receipts inside. And, for the last few days, he couldn’t be reached. Searching for someone to open the safe, I ran across this guy. He seemed to be really nice and was very knowledgeable. After answering a few security related questions, he went to work. He was done in less than an hour ! I mean with all that noise going on he wasn’t even distracted! Like a safecracker in the jungle, you might say. It took him less time to open that safe than it took me to cook his steak dinner tip. (Yeah, I made him a steak dinner as a tip. )
Now I know that if I ever really have a lost keys Philadelphia story, or need keys made, I know who to call. Who knew I’d ever need a Philadelphia locksmith ?
Thank you, my friend Rich G.
“She did it again.” A true locksmith Philadelphia story, by Steve.
   Hey! What’s up ? My name is Steve and boy do I have a car key Philadelphia story for you! Now I’m not a bad guy, but I just seem to have bad luck with women. I’ve been with this girl for about six months, and about every couple of weeks or so we get into these heated arguments! Then we break up and she leaves ! When she leaves she takes my keys, so I’ve gotten to know a few Philadelphia car locksmiths with all the losing keys and getting keys made and all. Sometimes they were all right and sometimes they were not. I mean one guy couldn’t even make my car keys on the spot. Then I met this guy. He was quick! He made up my car key and house keys on the spot ! He was even funny ! After we get done he gives me some advice on how to protect my keys we joke for another couple of minutes and the we split. Me and the locksmith, not me and the girl. A few days later she comes over and first everything was so nice. Then, later, we argue and she walks out again. After a few minutes I’m looking for my keys and guess what ? Where are those car keys ? So I find the guy’s number on the key chain that he gave me. I call him and just say, ” hi, it’s Steve. She got me again,” and he remembered me! Well at least it’s good to know I can just pick up the phone and say hey man she got me again and just relax. So yes, I had a real a locksmith Philadelphia story that read like a sitcom, but it’s all good. Now that’s got to be the funniest car key Philadelphia story ever, and it’s a true life story !
Steve K From Philly
Stranded big time, a locksmith philadelphia story that went really bad , and then had a lucky ending.
   Hello, my name is Darrell, and If a locksmith in Philadelphia is a dime a dozen then this guy is worth a dollar. I’m a professional driver for a limousine company and we have lost car keys philadelphia stories all the time, so we always needed keys made. But one of the perks of this job is that at night they let us use one of the company cars as long as we pay for our own gas. Well one night I was using one of the company cars. Nothing fancy, I was just going home. So I used a Lincoln Town car. Low profile, or at least I thought it was. Then an old girlfriend calls me up for a date and I go. The date went fine, so I was asked to spend the night.
   That next morning when I left to go to work I found that the car had been vandalized ! So even though I still had my car keys, the column had been destroyed as they tried to steal the car ! At seven o’clock in the morning I was unsuccessful at getting a mechanic to answer the phone, so I call the only other person that I thought could handle the job, this Lost keys, broken keys even no key at all, that’s one thing but what about a broken column? He came right out and not only did he fix the column but he did such a good job that no one at the job even noticed the difference!
So Yes, you can get keys made Philadelphia style, and a whole lot more ! And that’s my car key Philadelphia story !
 Thanks a lot Mr. CarKeyLocksmithPhiladelphia !
IOU. big time Darrell C.
  THE BODYGUARD, a real locksmith Philadelphia story from an anonymous temp helper.
“The Bodyguard,” that’s what my friends call me. Well they’re not completely accurate but it’s close and this is one of those Philadelphia Locksmith praise testimonials. What I actually do is more along the lines of executive security. My clients are well to do professional types who need discreet security personnel who blend in with their personal lives. Often they are just a little paranoid, but sometimes their fears are of a threat that’s genuine. This one particular client felt that her caretaker was coming in her house without permission with keys that were given out for emergency situations. She had lost keys a few times and had given out several keys and had several lock changes and that’s when she hired me. She had already been through most of the locksmiths in her area so she figures she had to find someone better. That’s when she found these guys. So, they offered her a selection of high security locks that have restricted blanks that you have to…well its real James Bond type stuff. But now my client sleeps well at night and I have a new partner. His codename is “The locksmith.”
Thanks a lot buddy and that’s my keys made Philadelphia story. BODYGUARD, out.